Thursday, December 3, 2009

David Hockney's exhibits in NYC

Just a few days before Thanksgiving I was in NYC for two pick up work from the Salmagundi Club and see two David Hockney exhibits at Pace Wildenstein on 57th and their other gallery on 25th. I'm a huge fan of Mr. Hockney and the exhibits were so satisfying! My particular favorties were the gargantuan paintings of "Bigger Trees Near Water" but what adds to their drama is that as he was half way done painting them through the seasons when they chopped them ALL down. If you see the painting you know that it is a considerable number of trees, a veritable forest and the reason for this churlish act seemed limp at best...they were diseased and could fall...but all of them? Knowing this little tidbit added to the viewing of the nearly flourescent log paintings and added a touch of ghoulishness to the one of just a large stump which read like a torso with logs (limbs?) around it. I felt uncomfortable looking at that one and moved on with great joy to my other favorites the Elderberry bushes. These were two terrific shows which will no doubt help with my current work as I have been painting dense sets of trees with dramatic shadows and currently working on a set of trees at night.

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