Thursday, December 3, 2009

Monet at MOMA...afresh!

On the trip to NYC when I saw the Hockney exhibits the day turned into a great whirlwind trip where the clock seemed to stop and I got to see a lot of terrific art. Besides Mr. Hockney's exhibit I went to MOMA to see Monet's Waterlilies - a recently installed exhibit in their new section, it is up until April. Now I know a lot of folks just groan when they hear Monet, it's like hearing Vivaldi's 4 Seasons or the 1412 Overture .... yet again. However I was drawn to this exhibit because of one particular painting I had never seen "The Japanese Footbridge." Wow what a painting! It is a flurry of rich colors, brush strokes, abstract and real at the same time, which happens to be one of my favorite things when the boundary between realism and abstraction cross. Never mind that anything Monet groans under the weight of it's popularity - take a deep breath before walking in that room, shed what you know or think you know and just go in, it's astonishing! These paintings are wicked abstract and truly only come together at a distance. I was looking at one of the best known Water Lily paintings up close and could only marvel at how crazy the surface was, the color application is simply whacked. Talk about dry brush! The paint looks positively gummy in places but water thin in others. Colors layered and globbed on top of each other I got up close and personal to them and just marveled at his process. If I had done that painting I could NEVER have been so brave to do what he did then walk off ... hence just one of the many reasons why I remain obscure! These paintings are amazing to behold close up and far away. So for all those who cannot bear to see another it, spend some time with them especially up close. After seeing the exhibit I feel refreshed and must go to Paris to the L'Orangerie to be surrounded! (Ok busted...I just want to go back to Paris....)

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