Sunday, December 20, 2009

When I lived deep in the country, miles from anything, a friend visited one day and upon leaving looked up to the sky like the one in this photo, then turned to me and said we'll have 6 inches of snow in the morning. And yes today as then, I woke up the to a solid 6" of powdery white fluff and it was beautiful! My friend was a farmer as was all his family from as far back as anyone could ever remember. All their information about nature came directly from nature. They worked too hard to sit in front of TV to catch weather reports which were/are notoriously wrong. Where I lived I could barely get one bad radio channel and certainly no TV so my observational skills grew strong by the end of winter. To this day I try to figure out what the weather will do just by observing then double check with the weather report on TV and I always marvel at how much we have lost in the ancient art of pure observation. It just wasn't all that long ago when observation was all we had to rely on. After that winter I left the area but have stayed in touch will most everyone back there and we talk often about all the changes they see in crops, insects, animals, tree habits, weather patterns and they are afraid, very afraid of the climate changes they are observing.

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