Monday, January 18, 2010

Tree paintings....

Some tree paintings, the first two are brand new. I'm lovin' doing these on paper and they connect up nicely with the Night paintings. Enjoy!

Not every painting works out...

Honestly it feels real good to chop up paintings. Among artists there are many schools of thought about less-than-successful paintings. Some hang onto every work no matter what, some see a glimmer of hope in even the least successful, some feel even failure is success. I definitely agree on those last two thoughts. If I hang onto older work it either represents something special from that time or I’m very emotionally invested in it...otherwise chop chop chop. I had one gallery a while ago that wouldn’t give me back the paintings that didn’t sell because she knew what I’d do to some of them and would beg me not to cut them up. I’d just smile. That being said I would never cut up a painting that had at least a gleam of interest somewhere in it but also feel it isn’t good to hang onto every piece one ever made. Oddly enough I feel a failed oil on canvas to be much less precious than anything on’s just cloth to me when it doesn’t work out and I can always get more canvas to stretch another. Paper, however, has a hold on me, so I gesso over the failure on paper and work it again. In Italy last year I visited a shop that makes hand made paper and I swooned. I bought all kinds of it and open it just to touch it, feel it’s softness, the weight of it but haven’t used it, just knowing I have this beautiful paper is satistying! So not every painting works out but as I write this and look at the picture I’m getting an interesting idea...stay tuned!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

This night painting is acrylic on heavy watercolor paper and oh how fondly I remember this scene. It was April of 09, I was walking back from dinner in the ancient town of Terrevecchia in Southern Italy. On the way back to my villa the night was blue/black, sparsely lit with scattered street lamps. One street lamp lit this small scene plus it had rained much of the day, so everything glistened. It was so silent and such a nice night I ended up walking all over the town. Magical! There's a few more night paintings in the works - so check back.

My Idea Book

I got this handmade blank book in Paris a few years ago and saved it, didn't know for what but it sat in my travel case (a case that has something significant from each place I've been) and finally it has found a purpose that fits it's specialness...c'est nas pas en Journal, it is simply an idea book. I am beseiged by a restaurant watching the wait staff I see choreography, going to the beach I had a vision for a large shoreline sculpture, and so forth... I have no skill re: choreography and not enough time to create even a small fraction of the ideas that come to mind but have found a way to at least preserve them.