Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I saw it in a dream...

Curious night last night. I had entirely visual dreams, no narratives, no people, nothing but images. One in particular strengthened as the night went one and was a full painting by morning. That's how it all began for me as an artist. When I was 12 I had a dream so astonishing and vivid that when I work up I got my paint by number kit and the cardboard from my Father's dry-cleaned shirts and painted it. My first painting has long since been lost but I can still see it, a humble but earnest effort lacking any basics like perspective and the cardboard soaked up all the extra linseed oil from the overly juicy paint by number paints. God how I always loved the smell of those paints because of the linseed oil. To this day I can call up that original dream as it if happened last night - it was of me in a very dense jungle of rich green foliage, I was on the top of a hill looking down through the jungle to an outrageously blue, clear, large pool of water with white sand all around. The first time I went to the Caribbean I almost passed out as it was the full realization of that dream.

So last night there was another dream and first thing today I sketched it out to capture the idea. It felt like I'd spent all night looking at this image and know that it is inspired somehow from my trip to Italy. The image was full of rich warm, deep colors with a shock of light spreading from sharp & glaring to waning as it traveled over the darker colors, as if a door to a pitch dark, long closed room had been opened a little. I believe it is being fueled by my great hope that I get picked for the Rome Prize, it's a real long shot but I want it so badly there isn't a day goes by I don't think about it. The vision last night even came with title "Ancient Light". So tomorrow I will get to work on the painting. I became an artist because of a dream so am hoping this dream comes true too!