Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Art & Money #2 brief musings…

Just some brief thoughts on the topic. I've worked two or three jobs my whole life, my job as an artist and then the other things I had to do to survive. I only ever want to work one…artist. Currently I work in the corporate world but don't get excited I'm part time and don't even make in a week what the lawyers carry in their pockets! Every once in a while it amuses me to wonder what it would be like if the world was reversed. What if we really did value art & artists? What if as you grew up you were expected and pushed to be an artist of some sort…painter, sculptor, writer, dancer, woodcarver, actor and so forth. But what you really deeply wanted was to be a lawyer, banker or realtor and somehow you had to cram the job you desire into your day? Ah the economics of it all…artists would be making 6 figure incomes and bankers barely anything. I would certainly love to see it all reversed. This would be a much better world if driven by creativity rather than greed.

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