Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This painting is called "The Gulf" it is 46" x 76", oil on canvas. As you will no doubt see it is based on Picasso's Guernica. The second day of the spill I was watching the horror of the oil spill on TV and during commercials looked through an art magazine when I saw Guernica. The whole idea gelled instantly - one horror begets another. The next few weeks were spent drawing out sections of it, filling sketchbooks with ideas, printing out pictures from the Gulf for research, one photo in particular showed a young mother, holding one baby and the hand of her other young boy. She looked so sad, so worn out and far too young for that, she broke my heart. Everything about her reminded me of the woman holding the baby in Picasso's painting. So she became my role model for Mother Nature on the left hand side. Once I filled sketchbooks with expressions and interpretations of wildlife I made a life-sized drawing to see how it all fit. I wanted to make it the same size as Guernica but do not have a studio wall large enough.

I join the many who are utterly distraught over the tragedy happening in the Gulf and to the people who died because of the rig explosion, to all who live and work from the Sea, especially to all the fragile sea life and ecosystems that have been destroyed because of this inexcusable negligence. I am fiercely passionate about and protective of nature. It inspires all the work I do. We live in the Garden of Eden but utterly disrespect it and trash it daily. I cannot find the right word to describe my anger and disgust over this tragedy and the countless other ones that take place around the world because of corporate greed. I cannot get time off from my part time job to go clean the coast, help the wildlife or even hand out information or water to those who are helping. So I did what I love & know how to do best…put it all in a painting, my art is normally inspired by the beauty of nature, this painting is inspired by the stupidity and greed of man.

My hope for this painting is to find a very public way of auctioning it off with ALL the money (minus the shipping…unless I can get that donated) going to some really deserving place in the Gulf, maybe to the families who lost loved ones in the rig blast, maybe to some single mother who tries to make her living by the sea and now cannot, maybe to some school art program that is desperate for funds. I'd love to give to some wildlife organization but only if it helps the animals. I'd really love to get enough from auctioning this off to help all those and more. I do not ever give money to big organizations because it only goes into some CEO's pocket. I've put this all out there to a number of places and hope something will happen. It's all I can think of to do….

Update today 10/14/12 - I contacted tons of people, even Ellen Degeneres, never heard back from anyone.  The problem with the Gulf continues, just recently oil was still showing up and was in the news.  It still makes me mad.

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