Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do you get fries with that?

I get goosebumps & shivvers every time I say this but I received a Visiting Artist Residency at the esteemed American Academy of Art and the reactions from people when I tell them about it has been most interesting and in two distinct camps. First, all my art buddies and family are excited they get what this is all about. Second is a wide groups of friends & co-workers who always ask "well what do you get with that?" like it's a prize and I should walk away with an object, when I explain it they go blank. The gift of time to paint is not something people understand easily. We are all so pressed for time, plus it all must be done instantly due to our new instant electronic age and so on, a very insidious circle and a residency breaks out of that. A residency breaks all routines and the best ones are in another country which breaks all ties, even momentarily, to known comforts and bad habits. So my dearest friends, what do I get with this residency? I get the great gift of completely uninterrupted, unscheduled time to do what I want to do all day every day....paint. I get to immerse myself in another culture, see lots of things new for the first time, peel the fish scales off my eyes and see, really see, absorb - be a human sponge! Also important is that I hope to make new friends and contacts. Here's a question for you....artist or not....if you had one, two weeks or a month in front of you to do whatever you wanted (and don't say clean your place, change out winter to summer clothes...nothing to do with any kind of chore) what would you do with it?

The little paintings at the top are ditties I did to calm my travel nerves! Stay tuned as I will be posting from Rome soon...

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