Friday, October 29, 2010

In the bookstore...

It was a cold, damp day in New England - the perfect day for a bookstore and it was an interesting day! First I was looking for a book to take on my travels, of course I headed to Jane Austen but have read all hers so wandered over a couple rows to Bronte and picked up Villette. As I read the back of the book jacket it I thought about how books of that era seem to be mostly about class, money and overcoming great difficulties to survive and win in the end while books of our era are about wounded people and how to heal. Curious.

Like every month I go there when the new art magazine issues come out, get a cup of coffee and read thru them all. This month they were more interesting than usual and the focus in all seemed to be sculpture which I adore! Even tho I'm a painter I was trained as a sculptor and really love it but am happiest as a painter. However, Arp makes me swoon, so does Henry Moore and there's a great article about him Art in America, in that issue I also learned of a new (to me) sculptor Orly Genger and his work is awesome! Check out this link I won't post pics of his or other artists I mention because I don't have their permission so you will have to be curious and go looking. I also discovered and fell in love with the work of Oscar Tuazon ( and back to painters I love the new work from Pat Steir.

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