Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm living in a dream and I don't want to wake up! Currently I'm in Rome as a Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome and I've entered my second week here. I have hopes for this residency one of which is to focus on drawing, the very bones of art and I never spend enough time really drawing so that is a goal. However, as usual everything interests me and I'm painting whatever comes in from of my eyes. I spend a day painting and a day exploring and drawing. I am in Rome after all and there is a very great deal to see. This ancient city is all new and exciting to me and I love history. My god standing in the Parthenon or wandering the Roman Forum you can feel the history, it bubbles up through my feet and takes me over. But today I got to wondering if Italians ever get tired of all the antiquity, all the statues and giant fountains. Every street, every turn reveals new astonishing wonders for me but what is it like for a person who sees the Parthenon every day? I was weak in the knees when I saw it, do they feel that way after years or decade. After 2 weeks here I feel a bit worn out by all the chiesas (churches)! More than likely they are just so sick and tired of all the tourists! Clearly there are a lot of Italians who care deeply for their history or it would not be preserved. Yet every Italian I meet instantly knows I ain't from around here asks where I'm from and then go on about how much they love America, Boston plus the Celtics and Red Sox!

Usually when I go to a city first thing I do is seek out the art galleries and spend as much time in them as possible. Normally US cities architecture just bores the beejesus out of me, one more square bldg of glass and steel. So I seek solace in galleries & museums but in Rome I never ever thought about it until today when I saw a museum and I couldn't bear to go in…there's so much to see outside! Rome is a living museum! I went to the Vatican Museum and had NO idea it was so massive. I could spend days in there. All this history is our history too, a cultural genealogy of sorts and many lessons to be learned…I am walking through time and it's intoxicating. I'm grateful to all those who work so hard to save these Roman treasures, what a tragedy beyond words it would be to not have access to this!

Here are some paintings & drawings I've done so far that I like :) More to come later...enjoy!


  1. Your new work is terrific, and I look forward to more. Also more photos! I'm totally envious. Berlusconi notwithstanding, it's too bad we can't all relocate to Italy forever.