Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Most recent work from Rome...

One might think I'm just gadding about Italy. Well I am but with a DRAW. Drawing is the very bones of art and it helps to sit and take in the sights, study an area. Here's a link to the newest work which is basically visual note taking, making a log of things I see and love all the colors of the buildings and angles! The first images in the group (posted at the top) are really strong and I'm very pleased with what's happening. Here's the link to all the new work I wanted to move more towards shape and color and it "seems" to be happening. We'll see when I get back if it holds, heck if it doesn't I'll just have to come back to Italy!!!

And for once I'm so pleased with the pen and/or pencil sketches I put them out there for all to see. There are two in the group that reveal my process for making a painting...lots of notes all over the drawing and it was a scene so visually rich I can't wait to get started on it.

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