Friday, December 10, 2010

Think before you eat...

Don't worry this isn't one those annoying holiday pieces about watching your waistline. This is about being much more mindful and grateful about where your food comes from, the sacrifice of animals and the overall quality of what we eat. I have a theory: America's obesity is due to the poor quality of our food, so we keep stuffing ourselves because we can't get full without nutrition. Oh we've got tons of food but it comes from factory farms that have stripped the earth of all nutrients, replacing the good earth with chemicals. I've just come back from food heaven, Italy, where the phrase "localvore" is not a trendy movement it's been a way of life they've followed for millenium, it has started here and we should embrace it with vigor! While in Italy I ate exceptionally healthy and it was so easy - from the simplest pizza to food as High Art from chef Mona Talbott and the kitchen gang at the American Academy. Since I've been back it's been depressing, returning to eating in the cafeteria at work has been especially brutal. So food is high in my mind these days, couple that with all the PETA posters I see when riding the subway with pictures of animals horribly mistreated it always makes me wonder why are we so cruel and uncaring to the animals, plants and earth that sustains us! How can we possibly justify such actions? We should be worshipping these things by taking very good care of them.

There is a person I admire greatly and heard him speak at the Academy where he is a fellow. He's on a mission I want to help spread the word about his great work....Edible Estates. Fritz Haeg ( has a great desire to get people connected with how their food comes to be, wants to move the garden to the front of the house to celebrate that which gives us life and the gardens are beautiful. Plus his philosophy is to leave the excess fruits and veggies you harvest and cannot possibly eat in a basket so others can take it. He also believes in the magic of worms and their great composting skills. He is someone we should be paying close attention to and if you have a yard you should have a garden!

This is the season when people will mindlessly stuff themselves with mass produced, poor quality food that is full of salt and preservatives then spend months regretting it or joining some weight reduction group. So in this season of massive consumerism (aka gluttony) of every kind take a moment to be mindful and deeply grateful for what sustains you. Hopefully in the new year you will think more about it and realize that we live in and are steward of this beautiful Garden of Eden and we are responsible for taking very good care of it and all it's beings. That is my holiday wish for us all...

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