Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Favorite Artists #2 - Kate Mccgwire!

Gag, 2009 Photo byJP Bland
Mixed media with crow feathers, in antique museum cabinet,  77 x 60 x 60 cm 

Retch, 2007.  Installation using Pigeon feathers, sorry did not see who the photographer was.

A couple friends pointed me in the direction of Kate Mccgwire and WOW I love her work! So I emailed her to ask if it would be ok if I used a couple of her images for my "Favorite Artists" blog bits. It was a thrill to hear back from her and she said OK! Thanks Kate.

"My favorite artists" is meant to highlight people whose work I admire so  I won't say a lot as the work speaks for itself, however I can't help but gush a bit and say I find the work to be meticulously crafted, smart, luscious, seductive and it would be painfully difficult not to be able to touch it!  I have a great fondness for sculptures that use natural objects and this work is brilliant.  I've been all over Kate's website and pretty much am an over the top fan.  Fume/Seethe is another spectacular work.  I would love to help with an installation to see and be part of her process.  Please learn about Kate Mccgwire for yourself by visiting her website at

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