Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Marketing schmarketing...

There are so many blogs, tweets, books, etc about marketing your art it gets tiresome sometimes.  It often feels that as artists we are hawking a "product" and I certainly don't think of my work that way.

Then there's publicity - it is such a crazy world!  When I had my first big two person show the reviewer came up to me and said while they preferred my work, that it was stronger than the artist I was showing with she could only give me a mention because the other artist was The Story.  My fellow exhibitor was recovering (nicely I am happy to say) from brain surgery and was indeed the focus of the review.  While they mentioned me briefly and included a picture of my work they went on for paragraphs about the other artist but not their work except for a mention.  In the end tremendously unfair to both of us.  Recently in a discussion with a marketing person/art reviewer I told them about this, they merely shrugged saying while it's unfortunate that's the way it is.  Publicity is just weird but willing to explore all options recently I tried a new angle, I contacted some PR folks, one firm I've tried before and I'm not sure how they stay in business as getting them to reply is worse than pulling teeth.  Another firm I contacted had not read through my materials nor did they look at my work, their one and only question in every correspondence was how much was I willing to spend...it was all about the money.

So having tried a number of different angles I am back to my normal routine of contacting galleries, applying for grants, using a more personal approach with people.  As much as I like being isolated in the studio I'm also a people person so really like the personal approach.  Another favorite of mine is the great chain of personal connections.   Lastly, there's no question I'm a huge fan of galleries.  They have all the mechanisms in place to keep publicity flowing and I just get to paint.  A good gallery is invaluable.  Believe me gallery folks work hard for their artists!

Let me know what you have experienced with marketing, PR and the media please post your comments, stories.


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  2. Thanks Samual...hope you see this, can't figure out how to reply to people! Marketing IS important but so is the way people do it. I tried a number of different things, now as it says in the blog I'm back to the tried and true old fashioned way. Plus my biggest frustration, clearly, is how and why things get covered.