Monday, August 15, 2011

Brian Rego - one of my favorite painters!

salty’s, oil on linen, 16x20, 2011

wedge, oil on linen, 10x13, 2011

yellow houses, oil on linen, 14x18, 2011

I first learned about Brian Rego through one of my all time favorite websites Perceptual Painters  When I first saw his work a shiver went thru me, everything that stirs me artistically was there, juicy rich colors that were like that bright deep thrumb of a base that you feel rather than hear, great use of fat & thin paint that seemed so easily done, wonderfully simple almost poetic subjects.  I love his point of view and his palette.  I am a painter responding to another painter I greatly admire and not an art writer so as with all my favorite artists posts I want to keep it brief and urge you to explore Brian's work through his website...let the work speak.  So please go to Brian's website and savor his work the link is

Also I want to thank Brian very much for letting me use images of his was tempting to put all of them up there but I want YOU to be inspired to explore his work further, you will be greatly rewarded.

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