Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Fog, 48 x 44", oil on canvas

Throughout the years many people have asked if it is difficult to sell a painting.   Usually it isn't for a couple reasons:  First, I don't want to grow old surrounded by all my work.  Second, I love the look on people's faces when they see a piece they love and can afford - then I know it's going to a good home.  Third, I make my work affordable as I believe it's all wildly overpriced these days.  But my beloved Fog was really hard to part with.  This painting came from where most of my sea paintings come from - boat rides to Provincetown on Bay State's fast ferry.   Up until the fast ferry started the seascapes came from the time I've spent in the Dune Shacks.  On this trip we were socked in the whole way over, the water had a slight chop, outside on deck it was warm and moist.  I hung out on the stern just loving the fog then decided it should be a painting.  As usual when we got close to land the fog cleared and it was a lovely day.  The minute I woke up the next day I started painting this painting and it only took me a few hours, then had to wait a few days to let it dry before finishing it up.  I almost always work alla prima (first stroke) and this one was truly a gift from the Art Gods.  People have been lusting over it for years and I could have sold it 10 times over, but none of the prospective buyers wanted to pay full price for this stunning original and none of them seemed like the "right" fit.  Then the perfect person came along, she has bought a lot of my work and is a true supporter.  After not hearing from her for a year (since she bought the last painting!) she emailed asking if I still had "that grey painting" she couldn't stop thinking about all that time... so Fog now has a new home and a really good home.  There is a giant hole where it hung for years and I miss it terribly but now more people will see it, plus it is in a home by the sea where she first came from and I'm busy making more paintings.  I love all my work even the duds but Fog was truly a special painting, a real gift.  With all my heart I hope the Art Gods smile upon me like that again, they have been so very good to me so far!

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  1. I can see why you would have difficulty parting with this one. I just sold a little watercolor I am really fond of and had the same feeling that it would be well taken care of by the person who now owns it. It made it a lot easier to part with it.