Saturday, October 22, 2011

32nd Annual Open Studios

Last week at this time I was sitting with a fine glass of wine after 1 1/2 days of opening my studio on Friday night and Saturday, only had one more day to go...Sunday.  Friday was a wild, windy, stormy night and still people came, hardy New England souls!  Saturday I said Hi and Welcome to almost 400 people and more hundreds on's fun and exhausting.  Open Studios is without a doubt my most favorite art event, people come into my home and studio, I try to make them feel comfortable, welcome and eager for their questions - they always have lots of questions and I love that.  This was Fort Point Artist Community's 32nd annual and the 28th year for me.  When I first came to Boston the first event I ever went to was Fort Point's Open Studios it made a huge impression.  Not only did I want to be part of it I also wanted to be part of Fort was/is happnin' here!  I lived in the fabulous North End at the time, had a studio in the Castignetti building so pitched the idea to the artists there and organized their first ever Open Studio or OS as we call it.  After a while I moved into an illegal artists building nearer to Fort Point and enjoyed many and OS there, now almost 20 years have gone by and all of them in Fort Point.  The changes to my neighborhood have been immense, the talent of my neighbors continues to astonish and amaze.

Lots of people don't realize we live AND work in our spaces so that's always fun to see their expressions when it dawns on them.  There are great stories of the rare clueless gits who do or say something outrageous and I'm hoping we put together of those stories some day.  Friends come by that I haven't seen in ages, there's always ALWAYS the woman who comes and takes all the food - if it's good.  There's the guy who comes every year and gets into lengthy conversations about aliens which worries me that he thinks I know so much about them!  There used to be the guy who came every year, would pull a book of my shelf, set himself down to read...I booted him out one year and he has not come back.   Someone will always ask how much to I pay to live here, I always respond that it's rude to ask such a thing because it is!  Many, probably most, come to see how we decorate, heck that's what I do when I go to other OS!

My favorite OS experience this year was a woman who came to one of my first ones here about 16+/- years ago and bought a painting.  She came with it on her iPhone and wanted another painting!  My favorites are always the kids, they are the best, their questions can knock your socks off.

It's over for another year, my place is still clean and of course I hope it stays that way but, sadly, know it won't.  It's been a week and painting withdrawal has set in so it's time to get my stuff out to work tomorrow or next week for sure.  I have a show to get ready for next year and hope to drum up more galleries to show my work, now that I've rested up it's time to get back to work!

Thanks to all who came, all your questions, your curiosity and to those who bought paintings I'm deeply grateful for your interest and support.

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