Thursday, December 15, 2011

Men only....

Just a quick little post to say I got seriously side-tracked for a bit with some issues I'll be blogging about next.  However this post is a quickie about something really shocking in this day and age.  I went to the Boston International Fine Art Fair and visited a gallery I'd long admired and had always wanted to show my work.  Plus they exhibit the work of one artist that I really admire and was about to do a blog piece on...I've decided not to do it.  The friend I went with said to forget about the gallery they don't show work by women artists. HUH???? Sure  'nuf she was right but I had to push it a bit so went over the representatives, turned on the schmooze machine wrapping up with questions re to whom I should send a cd of my work.  There was an uncomfortable silence until one of the men said "well, we only show work by male artists".   I looked him in the eye and said "are you kidding?".  Once home I googled them and indeed they only represent male artists!  I had checked their site before but it just never occured to me that they wouldn't show women!  There is nothing but the listing of artists that declares their prejudice, their statement says in part:  "...was founded ...with the goal of creating a showcase for contemporary, representational artwork.  That goal still rings true today.   The ...Gallery is now internationally known for showcasing acclaimed and distinguished painters..."  Excuse me but there are a great GREAT many women artists who are also acclaimed and distinguished painters!  Until I delve into this further and talk to them directly I am going to withhold the name of the gallery.  Most super savvy people in the art world already know who they are.  I am hoping they will change their currently narrow, chauvinistic view so until them I'm keeping a close eye on them and will keep you posted.

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