Sunday, March 4, 2012

Walking and sketching in Rome & Florence

I am not surprised but still heartbroken.  I did not get accepted to the Rome Prize this year.  To be honest I'll never get accepted but I will probably keep trying.  I touched on the reason why when I was in Rome last time and blogging because I DID get a Visiting Artist in Residency there in 2010 for which I remain thrilled and grateful for and will definitely go back for another VAR.   But in Rome there is a deep craving for all things new and I am a traditional artist, a realist.  Rome, all of Italy, much of Europe suffers from antiquity fatigue.  Poor Rome can't even build without running into layers of history.  One person told me that now they only stop building if they run into a body.  When I was there I was enthusiastically told to go see the new Zahia Hadid museum and the new Richard Meier church in Rome, both gorgeous and so unlike anything around which is thrilling to the Romans.  The Romans love their city but even I, a simple visitor, could see how exhausting it can be to live in a museum and be overcome by hoards of idiot tourists.  But I digress and sure don't want to get into what I think of most tourists my purpose is to share a number of street sketches I did while wandering Rome and Florence.  Some will have little notes and all are pen on paper about 8 x 10 inches.  Anytime I look at these they bring back the fondest memories and create a palpable longing to go back again.  I am in love with Italy, Rome, the Italian culture and Italians themselves....sigh.

View from my Villa

 A statue in the Uffizi, my poor knees were screaming from all the walking so I sat and drew this statue while resting

On a lightly rainy day in Florence I sat in a cafe, people watching then got interested in a  potential painting called "Pioggia e Fiorenze" so this is one of many sketches for that painting.  This is also typical of how my paintings all start.

 These next three are all from around the Roman Forum...

A little sketch from walking around Trastevere one day, this one became a fabulous little painting that has found a good home.

 These next two were drawn while I was having lunch at the Uffizi cafe, again my knees were screaming and I HAD to sit down for a while and since I needed a good long sit once lunch was done I started to sketch so I could justify staying there.

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