Thursday, June 21, 2012

Plein Airing!

Now that my new knee is working pretty well I'm out and about every chance I get and have been plein airing all over, here are some of the results.  The first paintings I do when I get out after being in the studio for too long are always horrible, I need to get my mojo working.

The first 3 are all from last weekend's outing to the FABULOUS Arnold Arboretum.  I could not survive city living without that park.  I started out with brushwork but it wasn't working so laid in some with brushes then went straight to palette knife.
The Culvert -  oil on board  -  8" x 10"

Footbridge - oil on board  -  10" x 8"

Along Willow Path - oil on paper  -   8" x 10"

Here's a piece from the weekend before along Boston Harbor.

Across the Harbor -  oil on paper - 15"  x 22"  

Next is one of my favorites.  I was waiting for the fast ferry and had literally less than 5 minutes before it took off but the light hit a portion of the docks that I could not resist.  I whipped out the watercolors and did the fastest sketch ever because I couldn't do too much it's crazy fresh, love it's little cubist tendency, adore the brightness, colors and looseness!
MacMillan Wharf Sketch  -  watercolor  -  7" x 10"