Sunday, June 9, 2013

By the the beautiful Sea

Well, what a time it has been since my last post in April.  You just never know what any given day will bring!  I have been freed up to paint full time and have been making the most of it.  I'll keep the chatter brief and now will share some of the fruits of my paintbrush.  All of these are from my visits to Cape Cod, many inspired by my time in the Dune Shacks. There's more to come.  This week I'm going to switch gears a little and work on some ideas inspired by Rome.   Enjoy!

This first one I did last year but love it lots so had to include it...
Crescendo,  20 x 40", oil on canvas
Through the Dunes,  26 x 30", oil on canvas

Silver,  24 x 30", oil on canvas

A Break in the Dunes, 24 x 30", oil on canvas
This next one is really hard to photograph, the subtleties are hard to capture.  I'll need a pro to photo this.
Moonlight, 30 x 20", oil on canvas

West to East, 20 x 30", oil on canvas