Monday, December 1, 2014

Portraits of Leaves!

Now that I live in the country without a management company to do all the chores my seasons are defined as such:  winter = shoveling, spring = digging & planting, summer = mowing, fall = raking and boy did I do a lot of raking but it yielded more than bags of leaves, it gave me inspiration.

As I raked some leaves caught my attention, they were just too interesting or dramatic to stuff in the bag.  At the time I wasn't quite sure what I would do with them but soon figured they were beautiful subjects all on their own - hence a series of Leaf Portraits.  I certainly have a LOT of them around and more will come every year, it has made raking much more interesting.

15 bags of potential paintings!

Too many leaves, never enough lifetimes to paint them! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Anymore Seascapes?

Lately I've been asked a few times if I will be doing any more paintings of the sea.  Easy answer is yes, eventually.  An amazing thing happened when I painted the first one you see here, I painted it at a very emotionally raw time and instantly knew it was the best and last one.  It was painted at the moment everything was changing, a perfect and utterly cosmic confluence of events.

On a Saturday I made a quick boat trip to Provincetown to see my gallery on the way there we were enveloped in sea smoke, one of my all time favorite things besides fog.  On Sunday I buried a friend lost to cancer and on Monday I lost my job.   Not a good weekend at all.  The only thing I could and would ever do in reaction was to paint and this first painting was my way of absorbing & meditating on all the change.  Paint is a balm for my soul.  I thought about the boat trip of being at sea encased in mist, it was a perfect metaphor for never knowing the future.  The boat trip back was clear, beautiful and full of stars.  In retrospect I take that as a sign as well.

Of all the paintings of the sea I've done I was actually trying to reach an ideal, not just interested in painting pretty pictures of the sea and sky.  This first painting you see is the ideal I had in mind.  Simple, atmospheric and the others you see here each reached that particular ideal as well, everything in between was an effort to do the same and exploring possibilities.  My goal was to say a lot simply, beautifully, elegantly.  There will be more paintings of the sea eventually but life has changed completely and in a very good way.

Now that I live in a different situation, woods & mountains I'm back to my landscapes which is where it all started for me as an artist, it makes my heart sing.  The work is asking different questions and visually different but it has to be - the environment has changed!  I'm not a cookie cutter artist cranking out the same scene every time nor am I especially interested in prettiness.  I love a challenge and painting offers excellent challenges.  Now I'm working on achieving an ideal with my landscape work as I reached with the seascapes.  I'm working on an idea, a concept, not just another pretty landscape and it will take a lot of paintings and exploring to reach it - if I ever do.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mt. Greylock - a year of drama and light!

I moved to the Berkshires one year ago and have an imposing and impressive neighbor, Mt. Greylock. From day one the moods and light captivated me.  I run to my window every morning to see what and how she's feeling, of course many mornings I can't see her at all.   But when she doesn't have clouds pulled over her head there's always some drama of light and color so here's my anniversary homage to my neighbor whom I adore.