Saturday, January 4, 2014

Celebrate Life!

Happy New Year...

It's been a while - a long while - since I've written a post so it was a very nice surprise to see people are still checking my blog out and searching for topics.  Thank you!  2013 got very busy, crazy and took all my attention away from pretty much everything.  Here's a quick recap of all that went on...

  • got laid off from my job (it was a good thing!)
  • started seriously reviewing the direction of my life (stay tuned)
  • went house hunting and found a real gem
  • sold my place, moved 
  • went from living in the city to living quietly in the country
  • have taken a big turn in my art (more on that later) 
  • worst and most painful of all - lost my sister to cancer (brutal)
It's been all big ticket things and painting has taken a back seat to all the things life can toss in ones way: getting on unemployment/social security, house hunting/buying/selling, throwing tons of stuff out, giving it away to packing with all it's little details, bought my first car in over 30 years to help me escape the city.  Loved living in Boston for a long while but it got on my nerves with all the development and expense.  So I asked myself "is it really worth it to struggle to stay?"  The answer came quicker than the question...I just couldn't stand it one more minute.  Now I have sunshine coming in all sides of my place all day, great views, lots of nature (which is more my style) and peace.  This is a place I can hunker down and get about the business of being a FULL TIME artist!  

Losing my sister at Christmas time and memorializing her on New Years Eve has been a fierce body blow so I want to tell you about her - she was brave, creative, kind, gentle.  My sister has been sick for a very long time, she never really told us how sick she was, we all got bits of information but never the whole story.  I'm quite certain Cheryl meant to not scare us with everything but when we saw her, especially towards the end her struggle and pain were obvious still she marshaled on telling us it was just one of her bad spells and all would be ok.  She and I share a passion for the natural world, we were/are happiest on a hike in the woods or on a beach.  I could write reams about her but the words above (Celebrate Life) will give you an idea of how amazing she was...she wrote those words (she couldn't speak) just before they took her breathing tube out, she passed away barely 3 hours later.   I hoped Cheryl was hovering above looking at us, loving us and having compassion for her poor broken body so that she might have the courage to let go and not be afraid, I hoped she was experiencing the beauty I read about in To Heaven and Back: A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Mary C. Neal M.D.  Most importantly she was surrounded by love and family.  We walked her to the door we must all go through, she made the rest of the journey hopefully surrounded by those we love who have gone before.

It has been a bumpy, drama-filled year in which many good things happened and I would only change one thing...I would keep my sister, find a cure for her so she could get on with her life and do fantastic things.    

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