Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter paintings...

"In winter in the woods alone
  Against the trees I go. ..."
                          Robert Frost

On many levels there is a great deal of symbolism around the move to my new house and the work I've been doing which I'll explore further at another time.  I moved here in mid Fall, beautiful color, days were still nice and easy to be outside but now it's the coldest middle part of winter, we've had two bitter arctic blasts which makes it kind of funny to be excited about a 30 degree day.  Especially funny because for years I drove all my beloved friends crazy with wailing about how much I hate winter and here I am smack dab in the middle of it with no Caribbean trips on the horizon! And as I hunker down in winter with snowy inspiration all around there is a sense of hibernation/incubation.  I paint and look at all the seed packets I bought in anticipation of Spring waiting for that golden moment when I can start them and they will be safe from frost.  It is all quiet and tucked in during the winter but still very much alive.  In the city I really did hate winter, it was boring and incredibly ugly.  It's pretty here and I often go into the woods alone to be embraced by the magnificent silence of a snow-bound forest.  I wouldn't go so far as to say I love winter but I don't hate it like I used to and thankfully I can see it's beauty again.  That being said it would be nice to be in the Caribbean :)

On milder winter days (meaning anything above 20!)  I go out into the woods to hike or snow shoe and work is beginning to emerge from these jaunts.  It's been such a dramatic Fall and Winter with the move and losing my sister that at this point all I want to do is draw, experiment,  just paint fast and sketchy, not think and here's some of the work.  More to come, it would be great to hear what people think, so feel free to comment.  Enjoy!

No title #1, mixed media, 24 x 18"

No title #2, mixed media, 24 x 18"

No title #3, mixed media, 24 x 18"

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