Thursday, March 13, 2014

Let's talk SPRING!!!

Maybe if we ALL talk about Spring it will get here.  Oof this winter is a killer and I can't even imagine how people in Minnesota, N. Dakota, Chicago feel about it guys got hammered.  I'm not fond of winter but admit I've enjoyed it more this year because it's pretty where I am now.  Up until recently it's been white and fluffy and nice now...not so much.  I'm done, fini, fed up and want SPRING so I've turned my eye towards seeds and roses.  Clearly my little bitty yard will be overrun by a garden but I won't have to mow anything!  Here's some of the seeds I've got ready to go:

At some point during the winter I head about a rose that had THE best name ever:  Cuisses d'nymphe (The Nymphe's Thighs) what a GREAT name for a rose, had to have it.  I searched all over the web for it and no suprise it ended up being an Oregon rose grower who had it.  Portland OR is "the" Rose city!  So I ordered it today from an amazing place called Heirloom Roses here's their website, also ordered The Impressionist.  First of all the people at Heirloom roses are SO nice to talk to and I showed incredible restraint in only ordering two bushes.  I had a thought earlier this winter to do a literary garden as they have a lot of roses named after great books  like Jude the Obscure, Tess of the d'urbervilles etc. and great writers.  I simply do NOT have a yard big enough.      
Cuisses d'Nymphe aka Great Maiden's Blush                                                      

In the meantime, having never grown roses, I'm reading up on all the best ways to take care of them so they bloom like crazy and will be happy healthy roses.  Some very old advice I remember is to empty ones' teabags around the base, another tip I read today is to bury a banana peel as they like the potassium.  Sounds like composting to me!  I have a lot to learn and plan on turning my humble little house into a flower/vegetable/herb cottage paradise!  Now I would appreciate some warmer temps so I can get started!  Also if ANYONE has tips on growing roses please feel free to offer advice!

I heard a great statistic today.  The groundhog, that poor abused, maligned rodent predicted 6 more weeks of winter and next week is the 6th week so we should be good after that.  I hope!
The Impressionist

I had to get this rose (The Impressionist) as it nods to my artist self.  The woman who took my order said I ordered two fantastic bushes, they are both super smelly roses.  Back in December when it must have been at least in the 20's, using the excuse that it was a Christmas present for me I bought a book called "Writing the Garden: A Literary Conversation Across Two Centurtes"  by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers.  A small jewel of a book full of beautiful writings by famous and not so famous people all of whom share a big passion for gardens such as Celia Thaxter (a major name in gardening) and Edith Wharton (who's house I live near and will visit often), Vita Sackville-West, Jean-Jaques Rousseau, Thomas Jefferson and more.  Being keenly self-aware that I won't be part of any new pantheon of remarkable gardeners I will be happy just to pull a few weeds, get my hands dirty, eat my own fresh grown herbs and have some lovely smelly flowers by my bedside.  I can't wait....

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