Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More plein air adventures....

Quick post because yesterday was one of those really perfect painting days and I had to share.  Plus the set up was comfy which is not always the case.  These logs sometimes serve as a bridge over a stream which was only a trickle so I could use them as a table.  There are days where I scout out possible plein air sites after which I return and wow this is a great spot chock full of paintings but  I'm keeping this place secret too!  I'm just one of those folks that treasures solitude so am not one to go painting in a crowd.  The Berkshires is going to drive me mad with all it's beauty and incredible number of waterfalls big and small.  I seriously don't think I've seen so many before.  It's supposed to pour buckets tomorrow so I'll go back to see how different these falls look on Thursday.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Plein air adventures!

What a fabulous summer this has been so far, hope it keeps going!  I've been out painting quite a bit so thought I'd share some of my set ups just for fun.  It's hard to stay in when it's so very nice out.  Generally I do mostly studio paintings but there is nothing quite like getting outside on beautiful days,  I'll have all winter to be inside painting.  Now I do studio work when it rains.  All in all it's working out great.  Enjoy!

On stormy days the view out any of my windows is pretty. 

The last patch of snow!

This is a favorite spot and....

...so is this one both of which I'm keeping secret!  As it turns out my car makes the perfect easel.