Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More plein air adventures....

Quick post because yesterday was one of those really perfect painting days and I had to share.  Plus the set up was comfy which is not always the case.  These logs sometimes serve as a bridge over a stream which was only a trickle so I could use them as a table.  There are days where I scout out possible plein air sites after which I return and wow this is a great spot chock full of paintings but  I'm keeping this place secret too!  I'm just one of those folks that treasures solitude so am not one to go painting in a crowd.  The Berkshires is going to drive me mad with all it's beauty and incredible number of waterfalls big and small.  I seriously don't think I've seen so many before.  It's supposed to pour buckets tomorrow so I'll go back to see how different these falls look on Thursday.

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